Community group in west GTA, is seeking a professional to assist with media interviews, quotes & organizational messaging.

DADA started by a Burlington father, three years ago, as an experiment to see how we can ask drivers to turn off their engines as a common courtesy to bystanders and for the health and safety of children.

The organization recently registered as a charity and is wanting to build a foundation of supporters in the community who can help spread the message to the masses. The main focus of DADA is to help schools promote the message to parents and bus drivers to be idle free for the health and safety of children.

The organization has received funding from the Ontario Trillium foundation to provide free resources and materials to all schools who requested in Peel Region this year. There has been a heavy demand and requests made to expand the program into Toronto next year. Therefore the organization is forming an advisory group to help direct and provide guidance and expertise to the cause.

Ideally the individual will be in Toronto or the West GTA, and have a thorough understanding of children's health, respiratory health issues, air pollution and ideally share the pet peeve we have when people idle their engines. As individuals we have limited potential to affect change in this area, but as a coordinated group who are offering their expertise and resources, we will have a much greater chance of success.

The 'inner circle' or advisors will meet once every quarter over coffee, or one-on-one with the Executive Director to keep both parties briefed on developments and plans including discussing past accomplishments and how we can  improve on processes. As we plan for events throughout the year,  and when there is a medical focus to the project and if the media requests a more 'educated' commentary on the health issues, we would introduce them to you to arrange a time to meet or talk on the phone. We will have a medical talking point sheet listing key issues and links to reference materials.

If this is of interest, please contact me to discuss this further, learn more about the organization and our plans for the future. We hope you will agree with us in join us on this journey.
thank you!

Steven Rieck
Founder, DADA ( Dads Against Dirty Air)  
'A volunteer-based, teacher and parent-led grassroots organization and charity aimed at reduction of air pollution from idling buses and cars at schools and in the community in order to protect our air quality and health of our children.'
cell: 905.467.4600

Founder and Project Lead, Halton Social Enterprise Centre  www.haltonsocialenterprise.ca
"A project whose aim is to build a shared space and offices to house Halton non-profit organizations and social mission organizations, who are making the world a better place"

a)    Samples of past DADA media coverage


c)     samples of materials made available to schools.


e)    www.dadacanada.com

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  1. Health and safety is the priority of mankind, may it be children or the driver’s themselves, safety and security is required at every stage of life. Alberta safety is also working to provide safety for all employees at workplace.