Community Consultation Meeting for St. Jamestown N. Lanterrra Development

St. Jamestown North Development Proposal.

After attending the Community Consultation Meeting on November 7th at St. Simon's on Bloor St. E. I have the following concerns regarding the proposed development.

1. Although the consideration of privately owned, public space seems on the surface to be a move in the right direction, I have reservations around the security and upkeep ...of the space and if it will indeed be seen by the general public to be that of a regular park, or would the condo security personnel be employed to limit public accessibility and usage? Would local residents be able to walk dogs there? Would they have access in the evening or nighttime hours?

2. The idea of the double row of trees along Howard and Bloor streets seems initially impressive, however, I have concerns regarding who would ultimately be responsible for the care and maintenance of these trees? Would the condo corporation, or would the cost be transferred to general taxpayers? If it is the latter, when would such a transfer of responsibility take place?

3. I have concerns with the current and future state of the Glen Road TTC entrance, which by most accounts is unsafe and dangerous. Does the development proposal include and security improvements for this TTC access point? How would the TTC handle the increase in ridership that would undoubtedly occur?

4. There seems to be no consideration for alternative housing options such as rent to own, or subsidized housing. In fact, the only mention of anything for the community was one space that "could be used for the community". I feel this is a missed opportunity. This development is a great opportunity to bridge the neighborhoods of Rosedale and St. Jamestown and is missing the mark.

5. I would like to see this development incorporate an higher than normal number of 2 and 3 bedroom units in order to encourage families to live within the development.

6. With regards to height concerns, I am STRONGLY opposed to the current proposed tower heights of; 48, 49, 43 and 53 stories. The current zoning does not allow for structures of this height, in fact, the current zoning doesn't allow for the height of the proposed podium along Howard St. (see image above). I do believe there is a place for population intensification, however, the current proposal is far to outlandish and unacceptable. I propose the tallest tower should be no more that 25 stories. I'm also concerned with the effects the current proposal would have on wind and sunlight in the area.

7. I am concerned with the proposed demolition of 76 Howard St. and would be opposed to this facet of the proposal. I would like to see this building utilized and possibly moved, if necessary.

8. There is much concern with the construction process with regards to security, cleanliness, noise and potential damage to existing structures in the neighborhood.

9. Finally, what I have seen of the general designs so far is uninspired, boring, tedius and considering Lanterra Development's record, potentially dangerous.

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