Dear Mark: Be the Earth’s man of the year! | Greenpeace International

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news quite a bit in the last few days. Previously portrayed as a reclusive billionaire who shuns the limelight he’s made couple of big gestures recently.

With a reported personal fortune of US$6.9 billion (up 245 percent this year!) he donated US$100 million to Newark schools in the US and just last week he joined a pledge initiated by Bill Gates to give half his personal fortune to charity.

Congratulations to Mark on his charitable donations and on being named today as the Time Person of the Year. To be our person of the year and give what over 500,000 Facebook members are asking for, Mark it’s time to choose renewable energy to power Facebook, not dirty coal.

That would be a big gesture we would all applaud.

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