December 17, 2010 Eat Real Day.

Commit to eating healthy on December 17th. 

What's Eat Real Day?

Simple - no fast food on December 17th.

We all know the dangers of processed & pre-cooked fast food - to our health, to the animals, to the climate and to society.

Toronto and nearby cities have a multitude of good and diverse food to try from family-owned stores and restaurants and other unique small businesses. Try something from one, buy from a Farmer's Market or get some healthy local food for the day and try a new meal with friends - it doesn't have to be expensive either.

We have a broken food system. Let's do something about it, and start a discussion. Let's get the economy and our governments to act for health.

And see how the alternative tastes.  Please invite your friends.  Please visit the Facebook event for No Fast Food Day and invite your friends.

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