Thank you, thank you Toronto Centre

I'm the first to admit, "Mark Daye becoming the first elected Green MPP in Ontario's history" was a long shot. 

But it's good to have goals. 

Mark Daye,
 Toronto Centre GPO Candidate 2014
On election day, I wanted to double my 2011 results when I was the choice of 1,123 Toronto Centre voters.

I'm proud to report that on election day 2014, 2,265 Toronto Centre residents made the choice for change:

- the choice to fix our school system and say it's time to end the discrimination and waste

- the choice for home retrofits instead of re-tooled nuclear power

- the choice to protect our prime farmland and drinking water

These are not fringe issues. These are good ideas. These are the issues that affect Ontarians every day. 

Unfortunately, good ideas have a tough time in our broken electoral system that is dominated by fear rather than hope.

As we take a moment to catch our breath, I want to thank everyone who donated their time, talents and money to my campaign.

It all helps as we 
take this small success and continue to grow the Green Party  in Toronto Centre and work for a better future for us all.

I hope you will continue on this journey with me.

Mark Daye,
Toronto Centre GPO Candidate 2014

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