Your Green MPP’s Plan of Action for 2014

 Mike Schreiner and the Green Party of Ontario want to get Ontario back on track.

We have a realistic, responsible plan for Ontario’s future.
In the next session of the legislature, your Green MPPs will demand that the government:
1. Raise the Employer Healthcare Tax exemption from $450,000 to $900,000 for businesses with payrolls of less than $5 million.
2. Implement dedicated revenue tools to raise $3 billion a year to build and operate the transit we need in Ontario.
3. Put $4 billion over four years into home energy retrofit credits.
4. Save $1.2 to $1.6 billion a year by moving to one public system with French and English public school boards.
5. Double the child tax benefit for half a million children living in families near the poverty line.  
6. Endow a Social Innovation Fund to support social and economic innovation by young adults.
7. Permanently protect Ontario’s Class 1 farmland and source water regions.
8. Increase royalties and levies for mining, aggregates and water-taking. 
9. Close loopholes in legislation that threaten your community and our natural heritage from harmful activities.
Each of the demands is costed, and we show you where the money is coming from.
None of our demands will rely on fairy dust or magic pots of money. None of our commitments will increase the deficit. None of our promises will quietly disappear once they’ve done the work of getting us elected.
All of our commitments will make Ontario a better place in which to live, work, and bring up your family.
Join us and help restore honesty, integrity, and good public policy to Queen’s Park.  

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