Schreiner lauds Dolime decision, pledges to keep pushing to protect Guelph’s water

Guelph – Green Party leader and Guelph candidate Mike Schreiner applauds the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal to allow an appeal by the City of the water-taking permit granted the owners of the Guelph Dolime Quarry.
“This is a significant victory for Guelph: let’s take a moment to celebrate everyone’s hard work that led to this decision,” said Schreiner. “But Guelph’s water is still not protected. I will continue to work with residents of Guelph to pressure the Ministry to protect our water.”
On Friday, the Environmental Review Tribunal granted the City leave to appeal the Ministry of the Environment decision to issue an “Amended Permit to Take Water” under the Ontario Water Resources Act to River Valley Developments for operations at the Guelph Dolime Quarry.
“Laws need to change,” adds Schreiner. “It’s outrageous that the City has to spend time and money protecting our water from the very Ministry that is supposed to protect water.”
Schreiner launched a public campaign to support the City of Guelph’s efforts to protect municipal water supplies from the Dolime quarry on April 30, 2013. He has collected over 2,500 petition signatures. On February 11, 2014, Schreiner was able to bring all four political party candidates in Guelph together for a news conference to support the City’s efforts.
“I’m committed to protecting our water by closing legal loopholes that fail to put people and communities first. It’s an example of how politics is broken,” says Schreiner. “People can use their vote in the June 12 provincial election to demand change by voting Green.”

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