Housing at Risk. Toronto's Ombudsman, Fiona Crean's damning report on TCHC.

An Investigation into the Toronto Community Housing Corporation's Eviction of Seniors on the Basis of Rent Arrears

Al Gosling was 82 years old when he was evicted from Toronto Community Public Housing in 2009.
Source: The Star.com
This report by City of Toronto Ombudsman, Fiona Crean is filled with instances of mismanagement by TCHC.  Her report lists some 30 recommendations, coming after some of the city's most vulnerable and at risk seniors have been evicted because of administrative errors and other TCHC cock-up's.

Which, as you will see below comes after Judge Patrick LeSage already tabled more than 80 recommendations after the death of Al Gosling.

As Joe Fiorito stated in his Star column;

"You and I are the landlord – we live here, we pay taxes, our taxes provide housing for the vulnerable, and we expect TCHC to do its job.

On our behalf.
TCHC has an evection prevention policy, so that people who are vulnerable are not kicked idly to the curb. It is a good policy when applied; it is apparently lethal when it is not.
After Gosling’s death, a series of public hearings was conducted by Judge Patrick LeSage. He tabled more than 80 recommendations designed to prevent such deaths from happening again. His report is measured, and tempered, and damning.

The upshot? The housing corporation should implement its own damn policies, and housing staff should do their damn jobs.

Wasted effort?
You be the judge"

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