TAKE SHELTER! Opening Up Metro Hall as Emergency Shelter: NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS

Opening Up Metro Hall as Emergency Shelter: NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS

Thursday, March 7th
11.00 AM
Metro Hall: King and John St, Toronto

The City of Toronto refuses to admit that the homeless shelter system is
in a lethal crisis of overcrowding. By the City's own admission, shelters
are operating at 96% capacity. This means conditions of overcrowding and
tension - people are being forced onto the streets and lives are being
lost. Every effort has been made to convince both the administration and
politicians to act and open an emergency facility, but they have refused.
On February 20th, City Council refused even to debate the issue.

In 1999, the City gave Hostel Services the right to open more space
whenever the capacity in the shelters exceeded 90%. During that year,
Metro Hall was opened for a time so that the pressure on the rest of the
shelter system could be eased. Today the crisis is even worse - and the
Rob Ford administration is not only denying it, but making it worse. There
have been at least 8 homeless deaths since the beginning of 2013, and 34
deaths in 2012 alone.

If the City will not act then we will. On March 7, we are going back to
Metro Hall to open it as a shelter ourselves. We are calling on all
homeless people - those of you on the streets - who need shelter to join
us that day, as well as front-line workers, unions, community
organizations, church congregations and people of conscience to come and
stand with us for the basic human right to shelter. If you are someone who
does not wish to live in a City where people are abandoned to die on the
streets, then join us on March 7!


-Help us get the word out, join us on the day! Forward this announcement
to everyone you can, drop off flyers at every drop-in space and meal.
-Have your organization or union local write a public statement supporting
opening up Metro Hall as emergency shelter space
-Collect and drop off donations on the day. We need: Sleeping bags,
Blankets and pillows, Mats or mattresses
-On the day we will also welcome donations of: Coffee and snacks, Order
pizza and other meals for us, Books, board games, music and performances,

Please call our office at (416) 925-6939 if you can help with these items
or, better yet, drop by Metro Hall at 11.00 AM on Thursday and deliver
them to us.

Thank you for all support and solidarity in this vital action.

See information about past events on this issue here:

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)

For March 7th use: #TakeShelter #nohomelessdeaths

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