Salmon Tart, and Sunday Brunch Tart

After having success with the Carmelized Onion Tart, I decided to try what Laura Calder suggests, which is to use up left overs.

I had a nice piece of salmon that had been poached in butter earlier in the week so I used that, added some black olives, dill and a bit of shredded Swiss cheese and some remnant of a sweet pepper relish.

The resulting savory tart was excellent.

I covered the dough with dill and olive oil.
Added salmon, black olives and cheese.

This sweet red relish put it over the top.
I also tried one with some pureed tomatoes, olives, thyme and shredded cheddar. It was a a success! (Sorry, no pictures).

This morning, I thought I'd try my luck again. I had a few left over potatoes and some bacon, so I browned those with some garlic and a bit of onion and of course, salt and pepper and a little thyme and basil.

After mixing six eggs and a bit of milk in a dish, I put the whole thing into a tart shell.

Then, I discovered an unopened package of cream cheese, so I cut up about half of it and added that as well.
Pre-baked Brunch Tart

Patrick (my son) and I had a delicious brunch and when I asked him if he liked it he said, "It tastes like a fancy hotel breakfast." I'll take that!

The finished product

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