Majority of Ontarians support an end to Catholic School funding.

From the Toronto Sun:

More Ontarians support the end of public funding to Catholic schools than favour preserving it, a new poll shows.

Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research Inc., said the three main political parties in the province are at odds with average citizens on this major and controversial issue.

“We have an area where public policy is out of step with public opinion,” Bozinoff said Friday. “The public - they’re marching to their own drummer; they’re just reacting to what they agree or disagree with and they’ve not been persuaded that this long-standing current policy is the right one. And they’re telling us that.”

Forum Research polled 1,102 Ontarians over Oct 30-31, and found that 50% disagreed when asked if Catholic schools should continue to receive public funding, compared to 44% who agreed.

The rejection of public funding for separate schools was consistent across age and gender groups.

New Democrat Party and Green Party backers were strongly opposed with about two-thirds nixing the idea.

Only the Green Party has proposed a single publicly-funded education system.

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