Irresponsible Subway advertisement?

This subway advertisement in Toronto by the Responsible Gambling Council is somewhat ironic as it is advertising a quiz you can take at their website: safeorsorry.ca and potentially WIN a "home entertainment system"


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to explain, Mr. Daye.

    By definition, gambling requires something to be risked for greater reward - usually money. Our contest only requires completion of a simple quiz which educates and raises awareness of the risks associated with gambling.

    These ads are targeted to 18-24 year old males who participate in sports betting and online gambling. There are constant and competing messages for their attention on a variety of issues. The fact that the risk of developing a gambling problem is, for the vast majority of them, not their radar – means that they would probably never go to a website with an awareness and prevention message without some incentive.

    We chose to offer a contest as an incentive to visit the site to learn the real odds of winning and losing; debunking common gambling myths; and other valuable information.

    The Responsible Gambling Council is a not-for-profit organization with a 30-year commitment to raising awareness of the risks associated with gambling. We have an advisory committee of persons with current and past gambling problems that reviewed and approved this campaign and it's approach.

    While you may still not agree with this strategy, at least you can better understand our intention.

    Barry Koen-Butt
    Director, Awareness Programs and Communications Responsible Gambling Council

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts Barry!