Enbridge Northern Gateway flyover Misleads the public

Enbridge misleads the public about the proposed tanker routes.

On December 8th, 2011, Enbridge uploaded this video to the internet, to show everyone the proposed route for the Northern Gateway Pipelines.

It's purpose was to show the route of the pipeline, or was it?

Many people watched this video and took something very different from it. After watching it online as well as on televised newscasts, many thought "Why is anyone concerned about the route at all? It looks easy as pie!"

That is because the video is grossly innacurate.

As the camera pans down over the Douglas channel and their tiny tanker we see how the representation is not flawed in scale but also very misleading. Missing from the model of the Douglas channel is one thousand square kilometres of islands clogging the passageway to open sea.

Backing up the video, we can see how Enbridge wants you to see the tanker route.

Here is how it should look.

Looking at images of google earth we see what the channel really looks like along with the hundreds of islands it contains.

Here's is how Enbridge wants you to see it. Minus a thousand square kilometres of island hazards.

Finally, here is a marine chart, showing us exactly how the Douglas channel looks to ships navigating the coastline.

And here is how Enbridge would have us see it.

The truth is that piping raw bitumen crude across two mountain ranges, through a monumentally dangerous channel and shipping across the roughest ocean weather in the world puts us all at risk. A risk we can't accept at any price.

Please join us and say no to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

Please spread widely.

Graphics by Lori Waters.


Want to demand some reality in advertising? Go sign this petition.


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