Dalton McGuinty Privatizing Public Land

Toronto, August 27, 2012 - Premier Dalton McGuinty and Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli are dismissing petitions and hundreds of Ontarians' letters, and selling public land to condo developers.

Concerned citizens will gather for a rally at Queen's Park on Wednesday, August 29th, at 5:00 p.m. to demand Dalton McGuinty save green space from more condos.

Residents and voters in the riding of Toronto Centre ask:  Why is the government of Ontario selling land at 11 Wellesley Street West for new condos when Toronto Centre is already seeing unprecedented condo development?  Why are Premier McGuinty and Minister Chiarelli listening to developers and ignoring the community?  Why is Infrastructure Ontario ignoring Toronto City Council’s unanimous approval of the motion of July 11, 2012 to discuss with the Government of Ontario the future of the East of Bay Lands?

"Places to grow gross density intensification targets, for Toronto urban growth centres, are 400 residents and jobs combined per hectare by 2031," says Norm Waite, president of the Bay Cloverhill Community Association. "Our neighbourhood’s current density is 708 residents and jobs. That’s twice the prescribed density, twenty years early.”

"We have been clear in our letters and our petitions: the community needs green space," says Norm Waite. "Why is McGuinty ignoring his fellow citizens?”
EVENT:  Rally to Save Green Space from More Condos
DATE & TIME: Wednesday August 29, 2012 5pm
Assemble: Queen’s Park North Statue of King Edward on Horse
Route: From Queen’s Park North to 11 Wellesley St West via Ontario Legislature

Neighbourhood residents and workers, families, and all those who value green space over concrete, are invited to make sure your voices are heard.

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  1. Would people rather have 300 households, using active transportation as the primary mode of transportation, on a 3-acre site in downtown Toronto or 300 households on a 15-acre site formerly occupied by forest and agricultural purposes, with the automobile as the primary mode of transportation? There should be requirements of intensive green roofs (with trees) on buildings. Parks don't provide direct property taxes to the municipality or the provincial government.