Gay-Straight Alliances Must Be Supported in New Legislation: National Atheist Organization

The Centre for Inquiry - a vocal champion of the constitutional right of students to form Gay-Straight Alliance clubs - has joined the Ontario GSA Coalition in calling for the immediate passage of Bills 13 and 14.

CFI will participate in a rally May 12 at 1pm at Queen's Park and will present in front of the Standing Committee on Social Policy on May 15 at 7:15pm.

"The emotionally-charged rhetoric of many testimonies thus far are distractions from some simple facts," said CFI National Communications Director Justin Trottier.

Research shows three-quarters of LGBTQ students feel unsafe at school and that GSA clubs are one part of the solution. Supporting GSAs is not treating one group differently. Those who oppose GSAs are guilty of doing just that.

"Rants about government attacks on religion and social engineering are completely backwards," said Trottier. "Continued government funding to an institution that violates equality rights, namely the Catholic school system, which is more publicly funded than the Public School System, is tantamount to government endorsement - not attack - of one particular religion."

"Children have rights too," said Trottier. "At the end of the day this comes down to students voluntarily exercising their constitutional right to freedom of association in a public institution. No one is forced to join anything."

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