Drummond hides behind Constitution

Drummond Report: New roadmap for Ontario includes higher hydro bills, larger school classes

"Green Leader Mike Schreiner chided Drummond for hiding behind the Constitution and not considering the savings that could be realized from melding the Catholic school system in the public one.

“It’s the biggest duplication of programs in the province. Quebec and Newfoundland have shown that constitutionally it’s possible,” said Schreiner."

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  1. Val Fayer

    Don Drummond needs to be sent back to redo his report with an analysis of the "fat-cat" multilayered educational boards system in Ontario. He has, under McGuinty orders, avoided looking because the Roman Catholic system is said to be entrenched in the Canadian Constitution. It is not! Quebec and Nfld have both eliminated multilayered boards based on religious preference.

    The word “separate” is used in section 93(3), and “separate school” is defined and used in the Ontario Education Act, so it can be argued that Ontario’s separate schools are governed by section 93(3) of the Constitution Act, 1867, and therefore can be removed by an act passed in the Ontario Legislature which is granted absolute power over education in the opening words of section 93 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    It is precisely because of the above that Ontario’s Attorney General was unable to name the section of the Constitution Act, 1867, which, he claimed, obligated Ontario to provide public funds for Ontario’s Roman Catholic separate school system. No such section exists, but biased people, (McGuinty!) continually and purposely tell people things which are not true. And some people would rather look at anything but "the elephant in the room", when over 70% of the electorate would like someone to do exactly that.