Toronto Cyclists Union Statement on Death of Jenna Morrison

Statement on Tragic Death of Toronto Cyclist, Jenna Morrison

Toronto Cyclists Union expresses condolences to Jenna Morrison’s bereaved family

The Toronto Cyclists Union (bike union) is saddened and dismayed by last Monday’s tragic, unnecessary death of cyclist Jenna Morrison.

Ms. Morrison, a mother of a five-year old, was struck by a truck and run over on Sterling Road as she was riding her bicycle to her son’s school. The truck continued through the intersection and Ms. Morrison was caught beneath the back wheels of the truck, causing her fatal injuries. "We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to Jenna Morrison’s family," said Andrea Garcia, Director of Advocacy for the bike union. "This tragic and needless death was preventable. We reiterate our call to city officials to create bicycle lanes on Toronto roads. How many more tragic deaths will it take? Clearly, safe spaces for cyclists are needed more than ever."

The bike union has an active advocacy group in Ward 18 where the collision occurred. It is working to develop specific recommendations on improving the area for cyclists to present to the local Councillor. The Toronto Cyclists Union maintains that cycling should be realised as a safe and enjoyable transportation option available to people of all ages. As an organisation dedicated to cycling, the bike union continues to work towards realising this goal.

Additionally, the bike union is calling for mandatory side guards on trucks to help prevent such unspeakable tragedies, as per a recommendation of the 1998 Toronto Coroner’s Inquiry into cycling fatalities. "If the Coroner’s recommendation from 13 years ago to mandate side guards on trucks would have been implemented, Ms. Morrison might still be alive today," Garcia said. "The cost of installing sideguards is negligible compared to saving cyclists’ lives."

The bike union is calling on its members and supporters to take part in a memorial ride sponsored by Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists (ARC) on Monday, November 14th. The ride will begin at the corner of Bloor Street and Spadina at 7:30 a.m., and at Dundas Street West and Sterling at 8:00 a.m. It’s an opportunity to show support for Jenna Morrison’s family and community, and to raise awareness about the need for safer streets.

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