Fallen Toronto cyclist Jenna Morrison honoured with ‘Ghost ride’

Several hundred cyclists rode 5 kilometres westward from downtown Toronto early this morning to commemorate a tragic death on November 7th.  The destination was the intersection of Dundas St. W. and Sterling Road, where Jenna Morrison was run over by the rear wheels of a large truck that was turning right at the time.   
In a parkette adjacent to the accident site, a large peaceful crowd gathered to pay their respects, leave flowers and wreaths, and to sign petitions.  A ghost bike was installed at the site of Jenna's death to commemorate the fallen cyclist. Jenna was the mother of a five year old son and was five months pregnant at the time of her death. 

Cyclists vowed to press governments at all levels to improve safety for cyclists. I urge you to write to your local MPP and demand safe streets for everyone.


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