Rally to support GSA at Catholic schools.

The Canadian Secular Alliance held a rally at Queen's Park today to support gay/straight alliances in publicly funded Catholic schools has received endorsements from comedians Rick Mercer, Gavin Crawford, and Elvira Kurt.

Four Green Party of Ontario Candidates attended and three spoke; Mark Daye from Toronto Centre, Tim Grant, Trinity-Spadina, Frank DeJong, Davenport and Justin Trottier, Parkdale High Park.

"This rally is about supporting the rights of students," says spokesperson Kevin Smith. "It is not anti-religious." Some groups were discouraged from attending after making statements deriding religious groups.

A broad spectrum of guest speakers will discuss related issues, including ending tax privileges afforded to separate school systems in Ontario, and provincial educational equity policies that favour religious dogma.

"In addition to the violation of human rights, the province cannot afford over $500 million every year to fund a separate school system for a single religious group," Smith says.

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