Greens part of Moving Planet

This weekend, Canadian Greens will be taking part in a global movement to make the shift away from fossil fuels as part of our effort to solve the climate crisis.  Moving Planet, spearheaded by 350.org, is a worldwide rally, with thousands of events taking place in countries across the globe. 

Canadian Green Climate Change Critic Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu will be speaking at the Moving Planet event in Toronto's Queen's Park, along with local Green provincial candidate Mark Daye.  “We are highlighting the importance of green energy, a key issue here in Ontario,” said Mugnatto-Hamu.  “But even more than that, we are highlighting how many Canadians are part of this movement and are ready to take action.”

Deputy Green Leader Adriane Carr will also speak at an event in Vancouver.  “Canadians realize that we need to start the transition to a lower-carbon way of life and we are asking for governments and industry to join with us in taking meaningful action to achieve that goal,” said Carr.

Arctic and Northern Affairs Critic John Streicker is pleased more attention is finally being paid to climate change, an issue that hits close to home.  “We in the North have been seeing the impacts of climate change for many years and are continually taking action, including helping low income community members to bring down their energy costs.  Individual action is key and when we have a global mass action like Moving Planet, we see the power that can come from banding together.”

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