Stop the Closure of Riverdale Farm

 Riverdale Farm: Possible Closure
The city consultant's review of core services provided through the city’s Parks and Environment committee was released July 14.

KPMG suggests eliminating the small zoos at High Park and Centre Island plus Riverdale Farm, as well as the Toronto Environment Office and horticultural services. Other cost-saving suggestions flowing from the report include cutting the grass in parks less frequently and contracting out such park maintenance, and planting fewer trees.

The City of Toronto Manager has recommended that the Parks and Environment Committee consider the List of Opportunities identified in Appendix A, Part 2 of the report (PLEASE REVIEW) as part of meeting the 2012 budget reduction targets and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for its September 19, 2011 meeting.

On Thursday July 21 at 09h30, the Parks and Environment Committee will hear feedback from anyone who wishes to make an in-person deputation. In order to do so, however, you must first register your intent to participate. You can do that by connecting to:

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