Good news for Canadian Coronation Street fans!

"Coronation Street catch-up"

On weekdays, there will be a treat for Coronation Street fans — with CBC committing to double episodes of the long-running British soap opera beginning in September.
The double episodes will allow the Canadian show to catch up with the Coronation Street story as it airs in Britain."
Source: http://www.cbc.ca.../news/arts/story/2011/06/08/cbc-season.html.

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  1. Sadly corrie fans in Canada may be disappointed with the latest storylines. Since the arrival of a new producer on the show the storylines have been getting ever more ridiculous, with teenage lesbians, gay parents, arrival of Ken Barlow's long lost gay grandson, Audrey's transvestite boyfriend and his transvestite friends at the pub etc etc all on one street - are they actually joking?! Not surprising to learn that viewing figures in the UK have fallen from about 17million to around 10million in a few weeks.