Creating Jobs For a Twenty - First Century Economy It's Time

Ontario has lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the past decade. We have become a have-not province with a record budget deficit. The global recession, a high Canadian dollar and rising world energy prices have hit our wallets particularly hard.
It’s time to address these challenges head-on with policies that promote prosperity in a low-carbon global economy.
The Green Party has a plan to secure Ontario’s future, not lock us in the past. We envision a future where Ontario builds on its diverse strengths to become a confident leader in the global economy. We will focus on creating sustainable, long-term jobs, and stop burdening our children with today’s debts.
We can only achieve this future by unleashing and nurturing the creativity and innovation of our entrepreneurs and workers to build strong local economies. The Green Party is committed to responsible stewardship of our natural and financial resources and will promote policies that ensure we live within our means.
 Your Green MPPs will:
1. Fight for good jobs and a fiscally responsible government 
a. Lower income taxes on families and local businesses to stimulate job creation 
b. Reward efficient use of resources and responsibly balance our finances with a revenue neutral tax on waste, pollution and carbon emissions
c. Balance the budget by 2015, saving billions in debt and ensuring our tax dollars are spent on public services instead of interest payments
2. Support entrepreneurs, innovation and strong local economies
a. Reduce red tape for small and medium-sized businesses so they continue to create jobs that support our communities
b. Support research and development in jobs that will power our economy in the coming decades, including clean technology and knowledge-based services
c. Improve high-speed internet access for all areas of Ontario
3. Develop youth employment opportunities by updating and strengthening our education system
a. Freeze tuition for the 2012-13 school year while maintaining university and college budgets; index tuition increases to the rate of inflation from 2013-15
b. Expand training and certification programs in job growth areas such as green buildings, biomedical technology, renewable energy and sustainable transportation
c. Increase investments in apprenticeship, co-operative and mentorship programs
For more information on the Green Party's economic plan for Ontario, find more information here, http://gpo.ca/issues

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