Old Parties Present False Choices on Green Energy

Tory Leader Tim Hudak’s pledge to scrap the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program is a slap in the face to businesses, individuals, First Nations and community groups investing in safe, renewable energy projects. His pledge to cancel energy contracts already in place irresponsibly damages Ontario’s ability to attract investors and new businesses.

Also flawed is Premier Dalton McGuinty’s approach to energy - backroom corporate deals and disrespect for the decision-making authority of municipalities, informed by local citizens. Sensible energy policy should benefit local communities first and ensure an investment climate that is fair, open and transparent.

The Green Party of Ontario puts people and communities first, offering a sensible choice for voters who support a safe, affordable energy future. McGuinty’s special deal for Samsung has meant that local businesses, individuals and community groups cannot access the grid, and Hudak’s short-sighted pledge risks a growing Ontario industry, turning back the clock on energy policy.  Businesses require stability in order to succeed, something the old parties at Queen’s Park seem intent on ignoring.

Mike Schreiner, Leader GPO
Greens will not irresponsibly cancel contracts without a clear understanding of the costs and the effects on business investment and jobs. Green MPPs elected on October 6th will stand up for a sensible energy plan that puts communities first by restoring local decision making, requiring local ownership and ensuring local benefits for energy projects.

A sensible energy plan invests in energy efficiency and conservation as the most cost effective way to provide Ontarians long-term relief from rising energy prices. Conservation programs not only save Ontarians money today, but tomorrow and ten years from now. It’s time to elect Green MPPs who will fight for simple, transparent and fair rules that put communities first.

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