Green Party of ON - 5 Point Plan

On May 25th, Green Party of Ontario (GPO) leader Mike Schreiner, alongside fellow candidates, shadow cabinet members and supporters, released the 2011 Provincial Election Platform. Mike presented the GPO's five-point plan for Ontario's future, a bold vision for building a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable province for all Ontarians. If you weren't able to attend the platofrm launch at Queen's Park, you can see the video online from the convenience of your home or office.

We made history on May 2nd, permanently changing the Canadian political landscape. The election of Elizabeth May as our first Green MP to the House of Commons is an accomplishment we can all be proud of. We have proven that it is very possible to win seats within our current electoral system, just as Caroline Lucas in the UK and Adam Bandt in Australia have done.

Here in Ontario, the GPO is eager to build on our historic moment. With the federal election behind us, we hope you can now look towards the Ontario provincial election just over four months away. To that end, the GPO's five-point plan - found at www.itstimeforgreen.ca - is the next step in building upon our historic feat:

  1. Creating jobs for a 21st-century economy;
  2. Harnessing safe, affordable energy to power our communities;
  3. Promoting access to quality, sustainable health care close to home;
  4. Feeding our communities by championing local farms; and
  5. Delivering government that works for people.
To get your free copy of the GPO's election platform, come to one of the provincial platform launch events, or request a copy by filling out the online order form.

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  1. Thanks Mark. Can you be more specific about how the Greens will create jobs, harness the energy and deliver government people want?

    We need to hear the specifics.

    Many thanks,
    Sharon Danley