Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson to run for Green Party

Source: Times - Colonist
Canadian born Pamela Anderson announced on Friday that she was going to run for the Green Party in her home community of Nanaimo.

The former Baywatch star and Peta activist was spurred to run in part from the Green Party's exclusion from the leader's debate early this week.

"I've always been passionate about environmental activism," said Anderson. "This election just seemed like the perfect time to come forward and do my part."

Known for her provocative advertisement for animal rights, the former television star feels that politics would be a natural transition. She spent a lot of time working with high production teams before, and she feels that she could handle the pressures of political life.

"The media is constantly following your every word and often tries to bring you down.  The secret has always been to remain positive."

The decision this week by the Canadian media consortium to block the Green Party from participating in the leader's debate was a shocking reminder of how cruel the media can be.  She has spend many years dealing with TV executives and understands how arbitrary programming decisions can have a drastic affect on political decision making.

"I think its important the Green Party gets a seat at the debate.  No other party talks as passionately about the environment and animal rights.  I am just happy to run with them."

When asked if she was afraid of being being labelled as just visiting, she answered confidently:
 "If it were any other day of the week, this news would be more than wild anticipation"


  1. Pamela Anderson Very famous in malaysia about 3 months ago in Malaysia.

  2. April fool joke ???

  3. Yes, this item was an April fools joke.