Ontario Green Party Affirms Support for Community Energy Projects at Annual Conference

Felix Braz, Green MP, Luxembourg
Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner announced at the party’s annual convention this weekend in Huntsville that supporting local green energy entrepreneurs and investing in community energy projects will be an essential part of the party’s election platform.

Schreiner shared the Green Party’s vision for harnessing safe, affordable sources of renewable energy to power Ontario’s economy.  He emphasized the party’s support for community energy projects that stimulate local job creation and ensure local benefits.  He reaffirmed the Green’s position that local communities should be equal partners in energy projects and that municipalities must have decision-making power in the siting of such projects.

Schreiner also announced the Green Party’s support for loan guarantees to facilitate community power projects.  The Greens will also push to prioritize grid access for community projects and local entrepreneurs.  Schreiner cited Denmark as an example of where the successful deployment of renewable energy was accomplished democratically with local decision-making, ownership and benefits.

Mike Schreiner, GPO Leader
The Green Party’s energy platform will also prioritize investments in energy efficiency and conservation as the most cost effective and financially responsible approach to Ontario’s long-term energy needs.  Schreiner announced the party’s support for funding a Green Building Program to help individuals and businesses save money by reducing energy demand, while creating thousands of local construction jobs in communities across the province.

Schreiner’s vision was affirmed by Felix Braz, Member of Parliament of the Chamber of Deputies of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in his address to an energetic crowd of members and supporters.

Quick Facts
  • The Green Party of Ontario Annual General Meeting was held at the Delta Grandview in Huntsville, from April 15- 17
  • Candidates, campaign managers, members and supporters attended the conference throughout the weekend for training, policy discussions and local and international speakers
  • Rob Strang, former Orangeville councillor and nominated candidate in Dufferin-Caledon, was elected the Deputy Leader by members at the weekend convention
  • Policies passed included protecting land and water from the dangers of natural gas fracking, the elimination of lawsuits that intimidate citizens from participating in land use planning decisions and financing tools for green retrofits.
GPO Provincial Exec. and nominated candidates.

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