Is Ford Expanding Toronto Transit?

The Toronto Star reported yesterday that in 2010, the City of Toronto paid the Ford family’s company, Deco Labels more than $56,000 to print stickers, tags and decals for various departments.  It should be noted that the city had done business with Deco prior to Rob Ford becoming a city councilor 10 years ago, however, he is now Mayor and his brother Doug is on council and President of Deco.

The question that the article raises is; What safeguards are in place to prevent the Mayors business from receiving preferential treatment?  Apparently not many.

It should also be noted that Rob Ford who has long blathered on about sole-source contracts and gravy-trains has not declared any conflict and both Ford's didn't respond to The Star's request for comment.

Although nothing illegal has been proven or even alleged, it looks, to the public, like the famous Ford "Gravy Train" has a new stop: Deco Labels.

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