Greens Call for Rethink of New Nuclear in Ontario

Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner is calling for a suspension of the joint review panel hearings on the proposed new nuclear reactors at Darlington.  The tragedy in Japan is an unfortunate example of the inherent risks associated with nuclear power and raises issues that deserve consideration.

Schreiner, like all Ontarians, has expressed his condolences and deep concern for the Japanese people.   The crisis at Fukishima is another reminder that nuclear power comes with significant risks that potentially cause irreversible harm.  Because such “beyond design basis” events are excluded from the current review, Ontario Greens believe the panel should suspend the hearings until a transparent public review of Canada’s approach to nuclear safety is held.

"Building new nuclear power is an expensive, risky way to produce energy that requires a rigorous and thorough public review process. Since protecting the health and safety of citizens must be a top priority, the hearings on new nuclear should be suspended to allow time for a rigorous and thorough public review process."

- Mike Schreiner, Leader
Green Party of Ontario

Members within the international community are responding to this catastrophe by re-assessing their ongoing nuclear initiatives.  The Green Party is calling on the Ontario government to do the same, especially when alternatives exist.

There are other options to new nuclear in Ontario – aggressive investment in conservation and efficiency can reduce Ontario’s energy demand.  Hydro imports from neighboring provinces and further development of Ontario’s hydro capacity can provide stable base load power.  Local deployment of renewables, along with investment in combined heat and power projects, provide sustainable, safe alternatives.  The hearings are not scheduled to consider these other options.

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