Greens Call for Fiscal Balance in Ontario’s Budget

Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner is calling on the government to address Ontario’s financial, social and environmental deficits in tomorrow’s budget.  Ontario Greens are looking for the government to balance the budget faster so that tax dollars are spent on important public services, not interest payments.
“Keeping people out of hospital by supporting front line community care, home care and promoting good health makes sense in these financially constrained times.”
- Mike Schreiner, GPO Leader
Eliminating waste and improving efficiency are at the top of the Green’s priority list. This budget needs to start with investments in energy efficiency and conservation as the most financially responsible approach to dealing with rising energy costs. The successful Home Energy Savings Program should be reinstated, to continue to create local jobs and help Ontario families save money on their energy bills.

Ontario Greens are also calling on the government to reign in spending. Greens support reducing income and local business taxes to stimulate job creation, and offset these tax cuts with a fiscally balanced, revenue neutral carbon levy modeled after British Columbia’s popular approach. Financial prudence involves rewarding individuals and businesses for being more efficient and reducing costly pollution.

The Green Party supports financially responsible investments in frontline health care. Targeted improvements in community and senior care with a focus on illness prevention will reduce stress on families and hospitals.

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