Friday December 17, 2010; I just can't quit you Julian.

I consider this a win for the atheist movement (if there is such a thing). The Quebec Government has banned all religious teachings in any subsidized daycare facilities. There are about 100 such daycare facilities in the province. Religious displays such as menorahs would be allowed under the law which takes effect in June 2011. 

Julian Assange is free on bail from a UK jail and staying at a rich friends country manor. Which reminds me; I have a rich friend with a country manor and I must go visit soon!

Meanwhile Swedish authorities are still trying to have the Australian extradited to face rape charges. The website Gawker.com was attacked by the pro-wikileaks support group that calls itself 'Anonymous' the other day. The hackers then published the login details of people who had left comments on Gawker.

In retaliation for this Gawker published a bunch of emails from 2004 that a horny 33 year old Assange wrote to a 19 year old slag girl that he met at a bar. Essentially he was trying to screw the chick, she said no and he got a bit pissed off about it.

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