What I Learned In Europe

  1. Where there's castle, there's hill.
  2. 'Foxy' brand tissues from Poland are the best tissues, and they're scented.
  3. The Catholic Church and the Nazis are the mass murder champions of Europe.
  4. People who design railway stations don't carry their own luggage.
  5. The south of France looks just like the south of France and the Swiss Alps look just like the Swiss Alps.
  6. The Swiss will almost always stop for pedestrians, the French almost never will.
  7. The French love smoking and dog-shit, and they never check your train ticket (SNCF).
  8. The Germans and Austrians don't like the Turks.
  9. Cobblestone streets are pretty to look at. Asphalt streets are easy to pull luggage on.
  10. If the service is poor, the tip is probably included on your bill.


  1. all worth knowing! :)

  2. love number 5....what does sncf stand for?