Dragon's Den

Went to up the hill to Wawel Castle and took some pictures and video. Originally we had planned to take the indoor tour, but decided to just shoot outside. We came upon something called the Dragon's Den tour at the top of the rampart. It only cost something like 6 zylot, which is about two dollars Canadian per person, so not expensive.

We entered the little booth on the rampart and were presented with a staricase spiraling downward. The stairs seemed to go on forever and after awhile I thought we must be deep in the earth.

Suddenly the stairs ended and we entered a small cave, which opened into a much larger cavern and passageway that eventually brought us out to the river level and the famous firebreathing dragon.

David was scared, so I reassured him and urged him to try getting some video of this legendary beast. At great risk to life and limb, David managed to get some footage of the monster, know as the Wawel Dragon, but mine is better (lol) so here it is....

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  1. Enjoy taking the trip with you as you travel from country to country. Videos are also neat. Love the dragon.

  2. We're having a great time. In the mountains now, how beautiful. I've never seen mountains before now. Thanks for the comment!
    Love, Mark