Nuremberg, Germany/Nurnberg, De

Oct. 14th, 2010. 1:20 pm, local time or 7:20 am EST.

We are on the Deutschebahn ICE train headed to Nuremberg. We left the very large and impressive Frankfurt main station at 12:54, much later than we had expected due to us  sleeping much later than expected, but we are feeling refreshed and looking forward to seeing the rebuilt medievil city of Nuremberg and the museum at the old Nazi Party Congress Hall.

David tried to find a hotel here about a month ago with no luck, it seems there is some large convention in town or something like that, so we are doing a day trip by train. Tonight we will return to Frankfurt and then tomorrow night we take another train (or several different trains to be precise) to Krakow, Poland.

Green Germany

We just passed a large array of wind turbines, which are huge, much bigger than any I've seen.  I saw a field full of turbines when we were decending on the plane, I wonder if these are the same ones?

They are several kilometres away and tower above anything around. We aslo saw a large field packed with a solar array, but I didn't get a picture of it. It is very common to see homes covered with solar panels as the government here will buy your extra electricity, as they do back in Ontario.

Here's a few more pictures, there will be some of us to come, stay tuned!
Hillside wind turbines, between Frankfurt and Nuremberg, Germany.
This is what passes for a double in Europe. Oh well, as long as my sweetie is with me, I'm happy!
The view from our Franfurt hotel room.

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