Bregenz, Austria

Switzerland; Sunday October 24, 2010

Last night we spent our last night in Austria near the Swiss border in a town called Bregenz. It is a nice enough town situated on a lake, but we arrived late and only had time to find a meal, our hotel and then it was time for bed.

Bregenz, Austria Maple Leaf

David; organizing our train travels.
This morning we packed up, had breakfast and got on our first train for Switzerland. We will be travelling today on a minimum of five different regional trains taking us higher into the Swiss alps. As I am writing this we are in Chur, Switzerland (pronounced Koor) at an altitude of 584 m. When we get off this train we will be at an altitude of 1130 m at the town of Disentis/Muster.  Then we travel by cable car to get to Brig. I'm looking forward to the cable car journey. Once we get to Brig we will make a decision to stay there or make our way to Jurgen or somewhere else.

We just went through a mountain tunnel. There is a gorgeous mountain stream running along side the train and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I was expecting this to be nice, but this is ridiculous.

I've been checking the altitude on my watch, we just reached a high of 1475 m and there is foggy mist all around and it is snowing. It is incredible, I've never seen anything like it. Our highest point of elevation was when we were going through a village called Oberalppass at 2033 m.

We've just arrived in Brig, Switzerland after about 7 hours on the train. We have figured out that six hours is plenty long enough. Even with the gorgeous scenery, it can get boring and tiresome. We will stay here for a few days.

Here are a few pictures from Brig...
The Gotthard Base Tunnel Project. The worlds longest railroad tunnel.

The Baroque Castle in Brig

 It was very cloudy and overcast when the above pictures were taken, so you can't see the mountains very well.

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